Mobile learning for youth and young people

Our young people have been severely disadvantaged by the ongoing pandemic. Whilst they may not have been hit badly by the health implications , the other consequences are wide
reaching. the impact on education, civic engagement and participation and access to work experience to name just a few will continue to have an effect for years to come.
The European Youth Blueprint to recovery recommends moving to a more holistic approach to social inclusion as well as increasing support to quality citizenship education. In terms of
youth participation it calls for broader recognition of innovative forms of participation both on and offline. The Mobile Learning Communities project offers an alternative to online
learning where young people are stuck at home behind a computer screen by taking learning out into towns, linking learning opportunities to physical places.

The project has 4 main objectives;


  • Train young people in dynamic digital content creation through blended learning techniques. Empower young people to use that content for social good.


  • Train youth workers in embedding the Mobile Learning Communities system in their local context 


  • Provide themed place-based learning opportunities for young people 


  • Provide a suite of learning analytics to the youth workers based on the young people’s activities within the community.