Learning traditional Greek dances

Folk dance performances have become an integral part of our school festivals. Αναπόσπαστο κομμάτι των σχολικών εορτών του Σχολείου μας είναι η παρουσίαση μέρους παραδοσιακών χορών του τόπου μας από τους μαθητές μας. Στη φωτογραφία επίδειξη ενός χορού κατά τη διάρκεια σχολικής γιορτής.  

Making a kite at school

Right after the carnival celebrations, on Monday before Shrove Tuesday people in our country use to fly a kite – either a homemade or a store-bought one. In collaboration with our municipality we got an expert to show our students the secrets of building a … Continue readingMaking a kite at school

Hopscotch game at school

One of the oldest, traditional, playground games is hopscotch. It requires nothing more than a diagram and a small object (e.g. a small stone) and it can be played solitary or with multiple people. You will find various games drawn on our school playground, including … Continue readingHopscotch game at school

Children’s Municipal Library

Books: A magic world for both young and old! In 2019, one of our teachers wrote his first novel for children and presented it to our students in the municipal library. Βιβλίο: Ένας μαγικός κόσμος για μικρούς και μεγάλους. Είχαμε την τύχη και τη χαρά, … Continue readingChildren’s Municipal Library

Custom of Klidonas at school

Klidonas: An ancient custom for good fortune and purification where the children are to jump over a small fire. We represented it in small scale at the yard of the school. Κλήδονας: Λαϊκό έθιμο για την καλοτυχία, που επιβιώνει από την αρχαιότητα. Μέρος του εθίμου … Continue readingCustom of Klidonas at school