Find local groups with specialist interests, this way you will have a wealth of knowledge to create interesting challenges around a theme. In the Welsh village of Ynysybwl , the local ‘paths and trails’ group created challenges about the history of the surrounding footpaths. Work … Continue readingTips

Paths and Trails

Ynysybwl Paths and Trails are a small village ramblers association who take care of the footpaths and walks around the historic village. They approached the project after securing their own funding for way-markers. They approached the project and have worked with OurTown to create their own … Continue readingPaths and Trails

Artis Community

[documentation_list_children] Artis Community coordinate a number of community focused multigenerational arts projects, they are using OurTown to showcase the arts and crafts created by local people as well as collaborative costume and dance projects. By utilising our Showcase feature, OurTown codes are a great way … Continue readingArtis Community

Involving the community

Everyone we have approached has been keen, enthusiastic to get involved and excited by the potential the project has to transform learning in the community.   In all involved countries we have talked to schools, teachers, community groups and businesses, all of these groups have … Continue readingInvolving the community

Why Our Town?

This approach brings learning in situ to life, using technology to enhance the local environment and sourcing new ideas and knowledge from within the community. There is, at present, no other easy or affordable way to do this. Listening posts and notice boards are limited … Continue readingWhy Our Town?

Your Town

Intro The use of QR codes to provide information at tourist destinations and sites of historical interest is a well established practice in towns and cities as is the practice of businesses using them to display advertisements. Similar codes are also already used by some … Continue readingYour Town