The Curriculum

This training curriculum is designed to develop civic competences amongst young people and engage them in creating positive change in their local community by their direct involvement in identifying and providing community solutions.

Communication with the wider community is facilitated through the use of the Mobile Learning Communities web app and specially designed QR codes. There is an accompanying handbook for youth leaders to use which explains how to use and create the codes.

The modules in this curriculum are designed using a community based approach in which young people are the main drivers of change. This approach consists of three phases. (i) informing; (ii) building capacity for social change and (iii) social actions.

This approach will provide young people with a unique experiential learning cycle in which they will get to know and understand their position and young citizens and their potential for creating an impact in their community for areas that are of their interest.

Young people will also have the opportunity to understand their needs and the needs of their community, develop an action plan and implement small scale actions that will affect their surroundings.

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